Items are found on an island, or are created by combining existing items. The most common items are 'Material' items which are basic natural materials such as: Wool, Logs and Iron, they are used to make some more advanced tools that will help you make the better weapons, buildings and tools in the game. Some tools have a specific material it is good at harvesting for example, and axe is very good for chopping down tree's, and a scythe is an adept tool for chopping down wheat.



Hammer = branch + stone

Fishing Rod = Bendable Branch + Cord

Axe = Branch + Iron + Hammer

Pickaxe = Branch + Iron + Hammer

Scythe = Branch + Iron + Hammer

Net = Branch + Cord(10)

Tent = Branch(10) + Skin (10)


Spear = Branch + Stone

Bow = Bendable Branch + Cord

Slingshot = Branch + Vine

Goldbow = Gold Nugget(10) + Cord + Hammer

Longbow = Bendable Branch(3) + Cord(3) + Machete

Machete = Branch + Iron + Hammer

Arbalest = Branch + Ironbar + Cord + Ironbolt + Hammer

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